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Thursday, January 10, 2013

It Just So Happened

A friend and fellow blogger just posted a fabulous story about how she lost a pile of money in a car lease deal that went bad, only to find that Hashem restored the money to her in a most unexpected way.

Living in Israel, I tend to be hyper aware of being under Hashem's hashgacha pratit (Divine Providence or, if you wish, His personal attention). Especially when it comes to money.

Like a lot of olim, we still have some dollars in an account in the Old Country. The particular account we have doesn't charge service fees if we maintain a certain dollar balance. Since we don't earn dollars anymore, so it can be tricky to maintain that balance.

After a recent trip to America, the balance in our dollar account was threatening to drop below the minimum. And, at something like $14/month in service fees, I was trying to avoid that. But how do I move dollars into that account when I don't earn dollars?

Just then, I got a message from a friend and former neighbor asking if she could electronically transfer me a dollar amount, exactly equivalent to the amount I needed to add to our US bank account, in exchange for the equivalent in shekels. Thanks to the wonders of electronic banking, the whole thing was resolved in a few hours. And it just so happened that she and I were going to be at the same place in Jerusalem that very evening so I could give her the cash.

There have been two other recent occasions when we encountered unanticipated expenses. And money just so happened to show up unexpectedly.

If your eyes are open, if your soul is open, you can feel Hashem taking care of you. I'm sure it happens elsewhere too. It's just more obvious here.

Please comment if you have a similar story to share.


Rachel said...

Oh, this kind of thing happens to me all the time. I constantly expect to not have enough money and then somehow I always do. Hashgacha Pratit is in my life in many other ways, not just with regard to money. Some my stories boggle the mind of the most skeptical people...

lisa said...

I have had so many of these things happen it is ALMOST regular... but not. but in order to see some of them, I have found that I have to see things with a different eye. the most dramatic is that there is a kablan out there somewhere who owes me about 90k sheqels. I have been repaid by HaShem so often that at this point, I feel that that debt is now totally between said kablan and his Maker.....

rutimizrachi said...

"If your eyes are open, if your soul is open, you can feel Hashem taking care of you. I'm sure it happens elsewhere too. It's just more obvious here."

This post, and the truth of it in my DAILY life, brought a happy tear to my eye. Keep publicizing the miracles, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting reading all of these experiences... it happens to me also!! Baruch HaShem for taking such good care of us... in so many ways we don't even expect. What a Good Good G-D He is!!

Thank you for this post!!