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Monday, September 16, 2013

Shopping in America: A Photo Blog

Often, a major highlight of a visit American olim make to The Old Country is the shopping. While on a recent trip back to the States, just for fun, I took some photos of a handful of shopping opportunities that caught my eye. As a contrast to the Only in Israel pictures new olim take and post on Facebook, here are some items that are, one hopes, Only in America.

The Freshpet Select brand makes tubes of slice and serve dog and cat food which stores sell to pet owners from a refrigerated case.
Which look suspiciously like slice and bake cookie dough.
As long as we're talking about food, did you know there are now approximately 17 different kinds of Ritz crackers available in your average American grocery store?

Here's a trend I totally missed. It's a bra that's labeled "Worn to be Seen!" So I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to call these new bras a form of underwear.
If you're looking for clothing decorated with crosses, an average American mall is definitely the place to go. Ha! Another trend I totally missed.
I have to admit, this one was pretty cool, even though the photo is poor. It's a Travel Baby vending machine that sells things that shopping parents need for their babies - diapers, teething biscuits, baby snacks, wipes and such.

A grocery store in a Jewish community featured some Israeli imports on shelves labeled "A Taste of Israel". Doesn't it make ordinary Israeli groceries seem so exotic?
A different grocery store sells the scarves I can buy for 5 shekels at the shuk, individually wrapped, for $6.99.
Finally, for those who want to build a palace in the midst of a middle-class Jewish neighborhood of modest brick homes, here's a sample of what it might look like when you're done.