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Friday, July 21, 2006

Now I’m All Wound Up

It’s a couple of hours before Shabbat and I’m more upset than ever.

Daniel Gordis just posted one of his famous dispatches where he argues that this war has nothing to do with a Palestinian state.

This is not an ordinary war over land. This is an existential war over our very existence. They just want to destroy us.

The great spiritual mistake of the miraculous victory of the Six Day War was that we forgot that Gd handed us the victory, in exactly the same way He did all through the book of Yehoshua (Joshua). We came to believe that our swift and decisive victory was from the strength of our own hands. BIG MISTAKE. A few years later, the Yom Kippur War was much harder to win.

When we think that the answer lies in the right geo-political/military analyses and actions, we make the same mistake. It's not for nothing that the two fronts of this war are the exact two places from which we withdrew.

Gd is SHOUTING at us and most of us are still asleep, caring more about what color Crocs to buy than about this existential war the Jewish people are fighting.

We need Gd, not more hours of CNN coverage. I’m afraid to return to America because I know I’m gonna wanna slap American Jews out of their oblivion.

The American chapter of Jewish history is almost over. There is no future for us, as a people, in America. There is nothing there but illusion and delusion.

Those who think they are safer in America are deluding themselves. Gd is shrieking for us all to Come Home.

We are living in very serious times.

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