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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guess who else wants dominion over Israel?

There’s a certain corner in Jerusalem that startles me every time we drive by. At that corner, there are always Arab women, walking with their children, Greek Orthodox clerics, monks and a few Jews, going about their daily business. When I see that mass of humanity converging on this corner, I always think, “Why are all these outsiders living here? And why are we not?”

Last night, I heard a talk by Penina Taylor, Director of Shomrei Emet: Institute for Counter-Missionary Studies. In the talk, Penina vividly described the three-part hidden agenda of the Messianic Jews (Hebrew Christians) regarding Israel.

1) Offer huge amounts of humanitarian aid to the needy of Israel

2) Use the goodwill generated by that aid to apply political pressure to make it easier for Messianic Jews to make aliyah

3) Once Messianic Jews are able to enter the country in large numbers, use their influence to have Messianic Judaism (which, despite its name, is actually Christianity) be considered in Israel as an accepted form of Judaism.

Here’s what that really means. If they are successful, and by all measures they are beginning to make tremendous inroads, Israel stands to lose its status as a Jewish state.

According to Penina, there are reportedly 100 Hebrew Christian churches in Israel. Compare that to the 400 Hebrew Christian churches that exist in the US, which is, in round numbers, 50 times more populous than Israel.

Said another way, Israel could become a Christian nation.

Of course, that’s only if the Islamic fundamentalists don’t turn Israel into an Islamic state first.

And here’s the great irony.

The Hebrew Christians desire dominion over Israel and are working vigorously to achieve it.

The Islamic fundamentalists desire dominion over Israel and are killing violently to achieve it.

Even Gd says,“For Zion's sake will I not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest.” (Isaiah 62:1)

And the diaspora Jews?

It seems the only people that aren’t willing to sacrifice for the sake of Israel are the Jews of chutz l’aretz who are busy building lives in other people’s countries.

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