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Friday, April 11, 2008

When Political Correctness Goes Off The Deep End

JTA recently published an article about opposition to the prayer for the State of Israel among certain Jews in the United States.

Although I disagree with them theologically, I can almost understand the Haredim who object to the prayer on the basis of the fact that Moshiach has not yet arrived.

But the critiques coming from the left are pathetic.

The article summarizes a meeting of "20 members of the Altshul, a lay-led minyan in Brooklyn" by saying that, "Congregants at the meeting also challenged the prayer's conflation of religion and politics, its tone of Jewish triumphalism and exclusivity, and its seeming denigration of Diaspora Jewry."

I love that expression: "'s seeming denigration of Diaspora Jewry." Yes, let's ignore the Torah and most of the prayers in our siddur and pretend that being a Jew in America is just as good as being a Jew in Israel.

But this comment really makes me nauseous. "...We wanted something a bit less militaristic and that prayed for peace for the Palestinians, too."

Let's all pray for the well-being of the souls of Haman, Chelmnicki, Hitler and the Hamasniks whose occupation and preoccupation was/is to kill Jews.

This sickness is what happens when political correctness goes off the deep end.

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