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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Pain of Galut

These days, the preponderance of my email comes from Israel. When I first turned on my computer after Shabbat, I was in a state of warped confusion. I scratched my head as I read through those first emails wondering, what war are all these people talking about??

During that brief window, while I was trying to piece things together, I realized how out-of-sync I am, sitting here in America. There was a war going on in Israel and, for 12 or more hours, I was utterly clueless.

Well, if that's not a vivid demonstration of the pain of galut, I don't know what is.

Here's another painful moment. A few days ago, Kumah posted a link to a video clip of some Chabad men dancing and singing in the middle of Machane Yehuda on Chanukah. All around them, people are shopping for cabbage and pita, but this group of men brought the ruach of Chanukah into the marketplace.

It's an amateurish video, probably taken with someone's camera phone. As I watched it, I started to cry because I don't live in a place where such a thing could ever happen.

This is also the pain of galut.

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Anonymous said...

It can happen here too, just as it happens in Thailand, India, and timbuku, wherever Chabadniks take the Rebbe's mission. It's just that in Israel it can radiate out and touch so many more people and that's what gives the sponteneity such great power, and why it's so easily triggered.

For those who would like to visit a Chabad blogger's take of the world, visit hezbos.blogspot. (Not that it's so different from that of Bat Aliyah!)