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Friday, January 01, 2010

Clinging Tenaciously to Treif

Why would I want to give up eating non-kosher?  When kosher food is as accessible, tasty and affordable as McDonald's, then I'll start to keep kosher.  Until then, I'll be clinging tenaciously to treif.

This tongue-in-cheek argument reminds me of the tone of so many of the 150+ talkbacks to the recent article in the Jerusalem Post called American aliya - an exercise in futility

The essence of the article is that, since mass aliyah from America does not look like it's in the cards, the efforts of the Jewish Agency and Nefesh b'Nefesh are nothing more than an expensive waste of time. The talkbacks are full of comments about everything that's wrong with Israel and why life in America is so good for Jews.

Perhaps some people are just not meant to make aliyah.


JiangxiDad said...

Interesting topic, much food for thought. I also read the J-Post article, and the comments. One thing to add, that someone once said to me:

In the end, there may only be one difference for Jews in America, vs. our experiences elsewhere, but it's a big difference. Jews here possess the same inalienable rights as others to own weapons for protection against others, including, and especially a tyrannical government--the main purpose of the 2nd amendment. As things look now, we appear closer to needing them--but so do many Am. Christians. In any case, all I'm really saying is that nobody promised any American, Jews included,freedom without having to fight for it. So I'd suggest that before people emigrate to Israel simply because they're becoming more afraid here, that they fight back. Live free or die isn't just an old saying. Jews can live free in Israel, and can live free in the US, and both have the ability to fight to keep it that way. That in itself is a blessing. God bless the USA, and God bless Israel

rutimizrachi said...

Nice, "in your face, cut to the chase" post. Scared me at first, as did a recent Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo drash entitled something like "I'm thinking about taking off my kipa." As it was supposed to. This is not a good time in history to do things mindlessly. Wearing a kipa should matter. Eating kosher food should matter. Moving to Israel should matter. If it doesn't -- one may not be equipped for the job. He should leave it to someone who is ready and willing to make the commitment.

Anonymous said...

Regarding JiangxiDad's comment, Judaism is not Thomas Jefferson and equating the two is a mistake.

I say to any Jews who in the states that you should leave America for love and fear, but if only 1 works then so be it. 4/5 of Yiddim left Egypt, we should not make the same mistake again.

Unknown said...

People are stepping up to the plate to prove what they're made of, in spiritual terms. Eirev ravnimikim and bnai amalek don't want to live here, but their spiritually Jewish brethren do (remember: the Jewish gene pool was never cleaned out from historical attacks upon it). And some Jews just fail to learn or to keep up with the class.

The whole point of Torah is to teach us our Jewish job: developing spirituality by recognizing/respecting HaShem, and doing the mitzvot where He directed us to do them: ISRAEL.