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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Life-Affirming Courage

This may be the first post I've written in a long while that doesn't have anything to do with Israel specifically, but as part of a Rosh Hashana message to family, our cousin sent a link to a powerful video. So far, over 4 million people have seen this video of a talented young man who has overcome extraordinary challenges.  The story it tells makes the spiritual work of the 10 Days of Repentance come to life.

The 8-minute video entertains while illustrating life-affirming courage.  The video is the audition of a young man named Emmanuel Kelly for The X Factor, the Australian version of "American Idol".  Trust me, it's worth the few minutes to watch this one.

Hat tip: E. C. Adler

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SaraK said...

And of course, he had to go and sing one of my all time favorite songs.
Thank you so much for sharing.