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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feelin' Woozy

Now that we've identified our prospective aliyah date with a high degree of certainty (while, of course, maintaining supreme awareness that only The Big Guy knows if we'll actually succeed in getting on that plane), things are starting to speed up. 

I walk through my house with an awareness that, as things disappear from every corner, it feels less and less like my home.  I am nursing a small but growing anxious feeling about getting everything done that is necessary to extricate us from five decades of life in America - unsubscribing, canceling, returning, liquidating, ending.  I feel pressed to apply for a new credit card with no foreign transaction fees because soon, we won't have an income (or a US address).  I should make sure my university transcripts have my current name on them in case I have to submit them in Israel for verification.  I need to move money from certain accounts into others.  And a hundred other niggling tasks like that.  Anxious that I won't get it all done and anxious that I'll completely forget to do something major.

Every time I open a drawer or a cabinet, I see more stuff I have to sell off.  Not to mention trying to figure out how to sell things we still need for another 65 days or so.

I've been in transition-mode for so long, and my mind is racing so fast over 10,000 details, that I'm  feelin woozy.


Tehillah said...

This is all normal :-)

Try to do something fun/relaxing at least once per week. And when you get here plan to relax (the second week!)

BTW, you can use that blood pressure monitor here, I have the same one.

Shabbat Shalom,

yehudis said...

I remember well that needs to be done before leaving- it will get done- even if you have to go back once more to finish somethings up-
thanks Gd for the internet- you can accomplish a lot that way too!!
To distract your worries- just think next year at this time you will be doing what I just did:We spent all evening driving around seeing all the amazing bonfires - at least 100 in our neck of the woods alone!! beautiful!