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Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily Life in Israel: A Photoblog

This post is a roundup of some photos I took with my iPhone in the last few months of just ordinary life in Israel.

The heart-shaped potato was so cute, I almost didn't have the "heart" to use it. But it contributed to a fabulous veggie kugel for Shabbat some weeks ago.

I snapped this picture a moment too late to really see the Arab woman leading the donkey (at least I think it's a donkey) across a gas station. You can glimpse half of her at her in the left-hand frame. Yeah, an Arab woman and a donkey at the gas station. Just another typical Israel moment.

First time visitors to Ma'ale Adumim often comment how beautiful the city is. These are some local flowers I photographed while waiting for a bus outside the library.

In some ways, life in Israel is like living in the 1950s. Consumer choices are often simpler here. I've started hanging laundry to dry.

In this shot, taken from a hotel room window at the Dead Sea, you can clearly see how the Dead Sea really is drying up.

My dream house in Israel. It isn't my actual house. It's the one I plan to buy when my mother-in-law wins the lottery. 

In Israel, the street signs sometimes tell you what you shouldn't do with your car on Shabbat, holidays and at communal prayer time.

My husband took this photo a few weeks ago. First signs of Sukkot in Jerusalem.

Shana Tova v'Chag Sameach from the Egged Bus Company. It was hard to get this shot on a moving bus, but oh, so worthwhile!

In Israel, even the eggs say Chag Sameach. How can you not love this?! (Photo Credit: Marcia Chiger)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love the lovey potato. If I may ask, what city is your dream house in?

SaraK said...

Love these! Shana Tova!