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Sunday, October 22, 2023

This Bread Is Moldy And I'm So Proud Of My People



My brain on Day 16 of war.

I need frozen broccoli
and I should go say ten chapters of Tehillim (Psalms).

The laundry basket is overflowing and the images of burned bodies I accidentally saw on social media are seared into my eyelids.

Our safe room needs to be stocked with bottled water and non-perishable food and how will life change when Moshiach (the Messianic Redeemer) comes?

I’m learning more Torah than ever before and maybe I can make challah rolls for chayalim (soldiers) on Thursday afternoon this week.

We need milk and how will I react if one of the bodies identified will be someone I know personally?

I have a work deadline to meet and if I die al kiddush Hashem (as a Jew in the Land of Israel) during this war, what will my soul experience?

I hear birds chirping and what will happen if Hezbollah opens a front in the North?

I should take a sweatshirt and please Hashem release the captives!

I shouldn't forget to take my vitamins and will I ever see my relatives in America again?

I'm looking forward to the winter strawberries and cauliflower and we need a plumber who isn't on miluim (reserve duty).

Have we bought enough bottled water for our war supply and I've been to the toilet five times this morning because that's how I experience stress in my body.

I need to go to a medical appointment in Jerusalem and I'm going to say Tefillat haDerech (the prayer for protection while traveling) with extra kavanah (focused concentration).

These sheets need to be changed and what is I24 News reporting today?

I can't keep up with my WhatsApp messages and are the hostages being tortured?

I have so much work to do and should I judge people who openly side with our enemies as malicious anti-Semites or merely misguided?

I need to charge my phone again and how are we supposed to understand the massive intelligence failure?

I need a shower and is this the war of Gog and Magog (the final war according to Biblical prophecy)?

This bread is moldy and I'm so proud of my people.


Moshe Natan said...

B"H each Jew is doing OUR part of the whole B"H

Anonymous said...

I litened to the free Israel Philharmonic Concert online which was a precious moment of beauty and then I went to watch the current events program I love on channel 14 to stay in the loop.

Anonymous said...

Your juxtapositions of the mundane and the mortal perils facing us are very apt. You've captured our current moment exactly.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible and pierces my heart

Anonymous said...

Absolutely.You’ve said it all.
But sometimes my mind washes out the terrible bits and concentrates on what needs to be done( especially what our soldiers need to do and how everyone I know is volunteering in big and little ways) And the surreal things like friends and relatives calling and anxiously asking how we are and I say I’m at the hairdressers or in the fruit shop -because we have to carry on and they need the business.
The people of Israel live!!!!!

topshot said...


Anonymous said...

Exactly! Thank you for voicing the emotional ping pong in my brain.

Anonymous said...

This sums up everything that I, and everyone I know, is experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing down all the thoughts that are going through our heads. I have shared this post

Chanah said...

As is so often the case, also living in Israel, I really relate with what you wrote. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings and thoughts.

Bracha Goetz said...

This is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

DITTO DITTO DITTO and thank you so much for writing this, putting in words what our brains and hearts are thinking and feeling. Am Yisrael CHAI V’KAYAM LANETZACH

Anonymous said...

This is life now in Eretz Yisroel. I wouldn’t be anywhere else!

Abba Richman said...

This war is also a HUGE wake up call for our brothers abs sisters in the Galut. Antisemitism is awakening and all the antisemites are crawling out out from under the stones. Come out snd show your revolting selves so we know who you are. Now is the time Brothers and sisters, to come home.

Abba Richman said...

Come home brothers and sisters!!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and really struck a chord.